About us

Our vision is to be the industry’s premier provider of architectural outdoor lighting, commercial interior lighting solutions - CY LIGHTING

To accomplish this we approach product design as innovators, not followers. CY Lighting designs not only blend with, but complement all manner of architecture. We achieve this through our commitment to engineering practicality, combined with using only the highest quality materials.

Building quality into everything we do
Through the years, people have often asked “what does CY mean?” While there is not a literal definition for this word, we feel CY can be summed up as follows. We have been, and always will be, committed to quality above all.

Stands the test of time
By consistently staying focused on what matters, whether it’s our products, our work environment, our family of employees, or our continued growth, we have built a company that not only stands the test of time – but will always define excellence as we move into the future.